Sponsored Business Seminar to Empower Phoenix Businesses

by Editor on 05 March 2019
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ActionCoach, the world’s number 1 business coaching franchise will be hosting a sponsored Business Seminar on Tuesday 12 March at M&B Foods (Phoenix Industrial Park) to assist business owners in growing their business. There are no costs involved but seats are limited.

“Whether you are an optometrist, dentist, engineer or own any type of business, this seminar will give you the tools and knowledge required to grow your business. If you are tired of simply surviving in business and are ready to take more cash, win more deals, dramatically improve your profit and get your business back on track, then register to attend before seats are taken,” said Bevlen Sudhu, ActionCOACH Evolve Franchise Owner and Business Coach.

It’s unfortunate that most business owners end up being driven by their businesses rather than the other way around. In fact, instead of directing their business, they simply have a job. Here’s another shocking statistic: less than one in every 100 business owners will ever create the wealth, lifestyle or level of success they are after.

The seminar will equip attendees with knowledge about understanding the difference between working ON verse IN your business, how to move beyond the 'glass ceiling' and grow as a leader, how to expand vision and grow your business profits and how to create a commercial profitable enterprise that works without you.

Bevlen added, “Your business is either growing or it’s dying. In business, just as in life, you can’t stand still. You’re either getting ahead and growing or you’re in a downward terminal spiral. Just look at the statistics, which indicate most of all new businesses will fail within the first three years. The key to long-term survival is to focus on the direction you want your business to move in, and then to gather momentum to begin the journey. There simply is no alternative if you’re serious about remaining in business and that is exactly what I would like to assist local businesses .”

To register free of charge, mail coaching@actionevolve.co.za
Date : Tuesday 12 March 2019
Time:17:00 - 19:00
Venue : M & B Foods, 189 Aberdare Drive, Phoenix Industrial Park
Tel: 0842772191

Web: www.actionevolve.co.za
Facebook page: ActionCOACH Evolve

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